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In Miss B's maths group, we are aiming to become Times Tables Rock Stars.
A Times Table Rock Star is someone who can answer a times table multiplication or division question in under 3 seconds, and if you can answer a question in under 2 seconds you are a Times Table Rock Legend!

If your score is over 4, keep trying you are a ROCK MUSIC FAN.
If your score is more than 3 but less than 4 you are a ROCK APPRENTICE!
If your score is more than 2 but less than 3 you are a ROCK STAR!
If you score is less than 2 you are a ROCK LEGEND!

We will be tracking our Times Tables Rock Status on this wiki, but using our Rock Star Names!

We based our Times Tables Rock Stars Program on http://ttrockstars.com/

We got our Rock Star Names from: www.rockstarname.com

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